A Typical Trip with JETS Shuttle Belize: What to Expect

When you make a reservation with JETS Shuttle Belize, here’s what you can expect. How the process will go…

JETS is at your service

Work with us by phone or email to put together your itinerary.

Step 1 – Gather Information

Visit JETS Shuttle Belize to research private transportation and tours for your group.

Most of our more common travel routes are posted on the here. The same goes for many of our most popular tours. However, if you want to go somewhere and it isn’t listed on the Services page, you can always contact us for a custom quote.

Even if you plan to book with assistance via email or by phone, you can always get an idea of our prices (before multiple booking or group booking discounts) by browsing the Services page.

You will be able to explore rates for some of the more popular Belize ground shuttles as well as private tours that we have online. If you don’t see your destination or excursion listed, contact us and we can help you build your custom itinerary.

Step 2 – Build Your Belize Travel Itinerary

Build your itinerary by visiting the Services page and adding transportation and tours to your order. Create an account and login to save your itinerary choices in your cart.

We will get the exact pickup and dropoff locations from you (hotel, airport, etc) when we confirm your reservation. When building your itinerary, simply select the transports between the cities/destinations you require.

The same goes for tours. Tours can be booked at the same time as transportation but they do not require scheduling a date/time because it is assumed that the tours will take place on the same day as your transportation.

Step 3 – Decide if you would like to add tours to your itinerary.

Let’s stop and have some fun along the way! Explore some of Belize’s more popular tours.

There are some great things to do along the way for many of the transportation routes that we offer. Why not add a tour onto your itinerary?

Tours must be booked along with transportation. Tours and transportation will show separately on your itinerary. Tour pricing is based on the assumption that you will also be booking transportation with JETS.

Tours include your personal Belizean travel guide, entrance fee to the attraction, a traditional Belizean lunch, and drinks and fruit. We know how to show customers the best of Belize, and we enjoy doing it!

Step 3 – Complete Your Reservation

Complete the checkout process but your reservation is not complete until we get in touch and confirm the details of your trip.

Contact us for assistance building your custom Belize travel itinerary and for quotes on large groups and package deals.

Step 4 – Confirm Your Reservation

We will contact you to confirm the details of your itinerary such as exact pickup and dropoff locations and flight numbers (if applicable).

We will make sure we have all your details and that you are good to go! Your driver will meet you at the time, date, and location that you schedule.

Step 5 – Travel Time!

Welcome to Belize!

Your driver will meet you at the date, time, and location scheduled.

From within the country, if you need to contact your driver, call +501 652 9304. This is easiest if you have WhatsApp installed on your device.

Step 6 – Have Fun Exploring Belize!

Our drivers and tour guides will share the best of Belize, Mexico, and Guatemala with you!

The JETS Shuttle Belize team loves their jobs and the beautiful country of Belize (and neighboring countries – Mexico and Guatemala) and it shows. Even if you only book transportation with us, we are pleased to stop at points of interest along your route.

If you extended your group’s travel itinerary with private tours and excursions, your driver and guide will be doing his best to help you enjoy your Belize-and-beyond travel to the fullest.

Step 7 – Tell Us How We Did

We make it our aim to make sure that each person has a great time while with JETS Shuttle Belize. We would love if you told us how we did!


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